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 The last few days have been pretty great, no horrible fascination with sharp objects, or feelings of wanting to end it all. the only thing that sucks is that my eyes are dilated and have been all day. so because of this i have a pounding headache that doesn't seem to want to go away. It got worse tonight witnessing ody and josh snipe at each other, it start out like the usual joking but something happened and you could just tell josh was sick of it, so that is why i fled the room, too many hard emotions to deal with. i hope ody realizes that he does get tired of her shit sometimes and maybe she should cool it. I don't want  her to get hurt. anyhoo, frick on a stick, my eyes hurt. i am happy that at least i have felt up to going to work, because damn if i don't need that money.I still don't what i am going to do about school. eh but at least i have broken down the wall a little bit when it comes to art, i drew some pics and painted some. its all good......except for the eyes...frick on a stick, ok i won't bring them up again.
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