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Tales of a WAWA Bitch

Uggh. This is the first time where the only thing that keeps me going is the money that the job brings. Every other job i have had, I have always had a blast with the people, at least a group if not all. Here there are nothing but bitter,  going nowhere with their lives  bitches who piss me off with just the mere knowledge that they will be breathing the same air as me, especially the one stuck up bitch that comes in at freaking 11 pm always in a bad attitude like its our fault her life sucks I have never spoken to this cunt, yes she pissed me off enough to use to c word, for her to be horrid towards me. And then the customers.......my body aches too much for me to go into all the details of how much I am beginning to loathe humans but don't fear the lists will come, oh will they, i could write books on the stupidity that abounds in this hell hole. Now i must go scrub the fumes of coffee, tobacco, and resignation to this horrid fate off of me before I crash.
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