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and the other shoe drops

well after telling ody what happened yesterday with jesser, alan, gumnar, and angel trading gifts and telling each other how much they are happy to be family right in front of me while ignoring me and pretending i couldnt hear, more than likely rubbing it in for not picking up the phone the other day, ody flew off the handle told day who told mom both who at first went off on them then mom came over here and then alan and jesser trying to talk to me i wouldnt and fled to my room but ody got into it with alan jesser and mom, and then the cherry on this fantastic day mom ended up blaming me for ruining her holiday and life. so all in all i am not going on the ski trip no i am staying her because i dont want to be stuck with them no matter how many photo ops there are. fuck that i guess i'll just work and well work. yay what a great holiday.
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